It is most mzing thing 

It is most amazing thing! Dr. Kazavon has made most meraculous recovery! I am cry tears of joyous happiness about it. Here is what happen: I come back to town to see goat that is dying, but soon with love and tender touch he is suddenly expected many more days of life. I am miss synthesizer but right now goat must be taken care. I did believe I return to America soon to make new songs but now I have to stay with goat and family a little longer to see the Dr. through this recovery. Thank you for the outpouring of love and suport for poor old goat! Love, Schuss

I Must Check on Goat Soon 

Hello, this is Schlüssel. I started blog to tell you about my best friend from my home, Dr. Kazavon Trdatyan. Dr. Kazavon is not like the friend you may know here, because he is goat. Yes, and I have had friend since many years have gone by. Lately I learn that Dr. Kazavon has rare goat disease called campylobacteriosis. You can learn about it here.

Because Dr. Kazavon is very old for goat he is not expect to live very long. I have decided to go and see him one last time after Lt.baD's show in Brooklyn, NY on 12 August. This way I can make sure Dr. Kazavon's final days are comforting and spend in company of loved ones and family. I hope to return to United State in October when goat has been lay to rest. 

Picture is when Dr. Kazavon was just baby goat (2002).